Great Sex for Women
4 Ways Women Can Have Great Sex
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Great Sex for Women
4 Ways Women Can Have Great Sex
4 Ways Women Can Have Great Sex

4 Ways A Woman Can Experience Great Sex and Lovemaking That Is Out Of This World!

by Shawn Nelson, MSA

When was the last time you had that earth-shattering, make you want to smack your momma and pull your hair out great sex or love making?

If you're still thinking it's been too long. And if you can recall a time or two that's great. However, if you're wondering what's the big have been neglected and have no idea what you are missing!

Are you ready to discover the 4 ways women can experience great sex and awesome love making that is out of this world? Let's get to them.

1. Must be with someone you love

There is mass confusion over the difference between sex and making love. Let me set the record straight if you don't know it by now. Sex is an act performed with two or more individuals. Making love is the sharing of feelings and the inner parts of yourself with another. There is normally a connection that is not always sexual.

Loving another allows you to feel deeper than you normally would and opens you to a world that was unknown to you. Can you recall the first time you were in love and slept with that person? Wasn't it the most emotional experience you ever had?

Making love allows you to experience tenderness and generosity at a heighten level that arouses you beyond belief. The thought of the person turns you on. Just being in the same room with them drives you crazy. Usually, you say to your self, "I never knew it could feel so good." And that's before there's intercourse!

If you have never been in love or truly loved someone as I stated earlier, "You have no idea what you are missing."

2. Being with a man who is not intimidated by you

Too often independent women find it difficult to experience fantastic love making. So many men are intimidated by them. Consequenly, they settle for okay sex and crave passionate love making and great sex.

Yet, when a man is confident in himself he would never fear an independent and strong woman. He would not have any problems showing how he feel, taking control and initiating the love making as long as the woman is along for the ride.

It would be difficult for an insecure man to please an independent woman. She needs that strong, take-charge man who will relieve her of the daily stress and take care of her for a change.

As a result, she will open up and share a side of her that hasn't been seen by anyone in a very long time, if at all. It will definitely be a time to remember for decades to come.

3. Become liberated

There are so many expectations placed upon you as a woman. It's a daunting task to fulfill every one of them.

When an opportunity arise that allows you to let go and give in to the moment it's a wonderful feeling. You can have an exhilerating experience with someone you are totally physically attracted to. How is that possible?

There are no commitments, which allows you to overcome the barriers that may prevent you from opening up. It is very exciting to be with someone who can please you in the ways you've only dreamed of.

You can't control everything. Therefore, being able to relax and let go is a wonderful feeling.

4. Feeling good about yourself

So many women have inhibitions about sex. They've been taught it's nasty, unclean and not a good thing.

One of the greatest feelings is to finally meet a man who makes you feel good about yourself and is sincere.

How often are you told you're "beautiful", "sexy", "I cherish you" and so on? If you grew up not hearing these words when you finally do it makes you feel special.

As a result of being treated well and respected you begin to relax for the first time in your life. Sex is no longer a chore. It's something you look forward too. You finally enjoy it!

Consequently, the sex and lovemaking will be better, you'll feel more desirable and womanly.

If you ever find yourself in one of the situations above you better be prepared for the ride of your life.

Most important, make sure to enjoy yourself and have fun. One day you will recall that experience and I wouldn't want you to say, "I should have...!"

If you're still having boring sex? Maybe your man needs to read the 10 Steps To Making Love, Better Love Making, Romance and Intimacy Guide for Men.


Shawn Nelson, MSA is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Author who creates guides, e-Courses and run several web sites that help people achieve their relationship, personal, life and professional goals. To learn more visit

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Great Sex for Women
Great Sex for Women
4 Ways Women Can Have Great Sex

"Invest in yourself for it's the only thing you can control"--Shawn Nelson, MSA

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