Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less
Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less
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Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less
Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less

What Do You Want to Do With Your Life? Free Book May Help You Find the Answer!

What do I want to do with my life? This is the question millions of people ask themselves every day. What makes answering the question so difficult is that people today are frustrated and stressed because they have so many options and alternatives for their life. To relieve themselves from their stress, people must reclaim their birthright to decide on their own life plan.

(PRWEB) -- To help people answer this all-important question, life-planning coach Hans Glint has released his 136-page workbook (e-book) absolutely free. Entitled, Self-Help Starts Here: Your Life Plan to Answer the "What do I want to do with my life"? Question, the workbook enables readers to make a conscious choice about their future pursuits. In a direct and straightforward way, the author shows readers how to get explicit about the Who, Where, Why, What, How and When they want in their life. By combining these elements into concrete alternatives, readers can make several possible alternatives for their life.

The key idea behind the book is that you want to be creative and combine, recombine, and mitigate the elements of your life until you have one alternative that you can firmly decide on. As Glint explains, "You can do anything you want to do, but you can not do all the things you want to do. The sooner you start planning your life, the sooner you will live the life of your dreams." To help readers accomplish this, Glint offers a number of exercises, examples, and decision-making techniques to help people answer their own question.

"One of the main concepts behind Self-Help Starts Here is that giving, not receiving, is the key to success," says Glint. "You want to give as much as you possibly can without limiting yourself by thinking about what you will receive. This is why I'm giving the workbook away for free, in the conviction that what I give will come back to me."

Hans Glint is a writer, life coach, internet entrepreneur, and businessman who shares his time between Oslo, Norway; Park City, Utah; and San Francisco, California. He has been involved in the classical liberal movement for more than a decade, with a focus on personal development and individual pursuit of happiness. His studies have led him to attend three universities in three countries, as well as to numerous international conferences and events. Hans Glint travels extensively and conducts life-planning workshops and coaching.

For more information about Self-Help Starts Here, visit . To download the free workbook, go to .

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Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less

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