Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less
Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less
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Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less
Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less

Life Obstacles! Can You Overcome Life Obstacles?

by Shawn Nelson, MSA.
(c) 2004. All Rights Reserved.

If I told you there was an easy way to avoid and overcome life's obstacles you wouldn't believe me. You know why?

Your experiences may tell you no such thing exist. If so, you or your friends would have witnessed it by now.

The ironic part is you see it everyday and yet you deny it because it's, "Too simple."

The issue is you do not allow yourself to determine if such a thing could work.

Is easier to stay in your world, reject anything that opposes it and continue to exist instead of living.

I do understand your position. I was there myself at one time. However, I got tired of watching others be happy (at least I thought they were) and making more money than I.

I felt I deserved to live the good life too! The funny part is I'm living the good life now and I'm very far from being wealthy and well-off.

Want to know what happened? I changed what I believed, what I thought, what I said to myself and began to view life through other people's experiences and observations. Plus, I read a ton of self-help books until I found the ones that talked to me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying what others write is accurate or right but it does provide me with insights into how they see the world. Then I compare that to how I see the world. Often I learn something new about myself and how I think.

Most important is that I stay away from people who can complicate my life. I don't know about you but I don't care for stress too much.

I bet you're wondering, "Okay...I thought he was going to tell me how to avoid and overcome life's obstacles!"

As I stated earlier, it's so simple you can overlook it!

I can't possibly explain everything here, so if you desire to learn the exact things I do to lead a happy and successful life with minimal stress you can visit the following sites:


Shawn Nelson, MSA is a Motivational Speaker and Life Counselor who creates guides, e-Courses and run several web sites that help people achieve their relationship, personal, life and professional goals. To learn more visit


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Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less

"Invest in yourself for it's the only thing you can control"--Shawn Nelson, MSA

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