Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less
Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less
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Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less
Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less

Who Needs Prince Charming When You're a Solo Princess?

Solo Bliss contains advice for living a good life even if one is single. Jennifer Lauren advocates having a full and pleasurable life with or without Prince Charming!

(PRWEB) -- Jennifer Lauren, the self-professed princess of solo-dom, makes a convincing case for tossing out those fairy tale dreams in her new book, Solo Bliss: The Single Girl's Guide to Enlightenment. Lauren's intelligent cheerfulness is contagious and convincing. Her advice, optimistic and sensible, refutes the ‘happily-ever-after' goal-oriented mentality most women were raised on – catching and keeping a trophy prince. Indeed, Lauren makes us believe that living a full and productive life is the real grand prize. That living happily ever after begins with embracing and enjoying Solo Bliss!

While the media is still offering women strategies on where to meet men and how to catch them, Solo Bliss advocates not wasting one single second on the hunt. Rather, Lauren proposes that, if Prince Charming is going to make an appearance, he would be more impressed with a dynamic, self-sustaining woman with a full, active solo life, than a longing bride-to-be. And, if he doesn't show up, so what? If you're already living an inspired, rewarding and satisfying existence, you may not even miss him.

When Jennifer Lauren writes down the pros and cons of being single, the list on the left is the longer one. Her common sense approach – better to sip champagne alone than to share a beer with a Bozo – will make one look at single life from a smarter perspective. While Solo Bliss is the consummate guide to having the single life that all your married friends will envy, it is also a book that will tickle your soul as it reminds you of life's delicious small solo pleasures.

Jennifer Lauren's website, , invites readers to share their solo stories. Sorry, Prince Charming, you are not invited to this party.


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Identify A Good Man Within 30-Days or Less

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