Unhappy Relationship Problems
Unhappy Relationship
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Unhappy Relationship Problems
Unhappy Relationship
Unhappy Relationship Problems

How Past Unhappy Relationship Problems Prevent Women From Keeping and Meeting the Man of Their Dreams!

by Shawn Nelson, MSA - Living An Unhappy Life?
(c) 2005. All Rights Reserved.

I have been fortunate to be raised by strong women from birth (i.e., my mother, grandmother and aunts). This allowed me to develop a keen insight into the world of women and how they handle relationships.

Within the past six years, I have seen an alarming trend that is rising among unhappy women or frustrated women. Want to know what it is?

“Many women are holding on to negative past experiences, which causes relationships problems with their current and potential partners.”

“I know this already,” you are probably thinking! Yet, what you know is less important than identifying if you suffer from it.

Here’s how is works….

A woman gets involved with a man, some how the relationship doesn’t work and she becomes bitter. She vows never to get involved with a man like that again.

Fast forward a few months or years, the woman gets involved with another man things go well for a little while and bam it falls apart!

Again the woman meets another man, gives her all to him only to find out he lied to her and was cheating. So another relationship ends.

From this point forward, the woman will usually become skeptical about all men she comes in contact with no matter what they do or how nice they are.

Even if the man has done nothing wrong, helps her in many ways, respects her and treats her like a woman should be treated he will still catch the wrath of that woman. And, it is the result of the woman not being able to let go of past relationship problems.

Sure, one can argue that the man just isn’t her type! I can give you that! But what woman, in her right mind, would not want a man to love her, cherish her, spend time with her, love her children (if she has any), and do all the things a woman dreams of?

There lies the problem! It is because this man is so good the woman believes he will change just like the men she dated before. So, she would rather keep him at a safe distance, stay as friends and wait for her “Knight in Shining Armor” who will fit her profile.

In the meantime, the man will get sick and tired of the bull and just walk away! If he’s nice he will talk with the woman and let her know how her actions or lack thereof are making it difficult for him to be around her much longer.

Naturally, the woman will deny she is doing anything to him, which she can honestly say since she may not be aware of what she’s doing!

The end result is past relationship problems will cause the woman to shun the man she should continue to interact with and most likely end up with another man like the ones in the past!

It is so easy to blame the men in the past! Yet, it is difficult to look in the mirror and see the person who is responsible for picking the men! No one says you have to put up with the bull, yet many women do!

If you truly want to be happy with your relationships, do yourself a favor and take a good, hard look at yourself. You have no one to blame but you when you end up in an unhappy relationship and tons of relationship problems. The only consistent variable in each relationship is you!

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Shawn Nelson, MSA is a Motivational Speaker, Life Counselor and Author who creates guides, e-Courses and run several web sites that help people achieve their relationship, personal, life and professional goals. To learn more visit the Love Life Advice web site.


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Unhappy Relationship
Unhappy Relationship Problems
Unhappy Relationship

"Invest in yourself for it's the only thing you can control"--Shawn Nelson, MSA

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